Help me with this skinny deer problem..I think

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I just got my first two capes back from the tannery. I rehydrated per the instructions from the tannery and let them sweat 24Hrs. in the fridge. I took them out to measure with each cape laid flat on the table like the picture/instruction in the McKenzie catalog. I have no measurements of the actual deer eye to nose or neck. The measurement across the neck is 7" and I assume that I should double that Right?....but I know for a fact the neck was bigger than that from when I killed it,(I lost the measurements). Can/will it stretch out some? If so.. how do I do this? Also how do I reinvert the ears? The cartlidge is still attached. Should I remove or mount with cartlidge in? I want to use liners. I have ordered the Breakthrough manual and video. Thanks in advance

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Watch out

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Questions like that will get you one answer in here and that is
search archives, lol, its the truth. First your hide might stretch
a little bit maybe an inch or two depending on how you break the hide
in, but the way I see it dont mess with it if it dont have to be done,
some times it causes more problems than it worth, the ears should reinvert by just pushing the tips in and pulling thru, you may just try the bondo method on the ears its easier and you dont have to take
out the cartlidge, measureing the hide can be tricky because your hide
might not match up to the measurements of the manikins, there is where you might have to strech a little bit, but you will need that eye to nose measurement, just lay the face down flat pull tight but dont stretch and then measure, next measure the neck flesh out and measure under the ears and then the middle of the neck, that should get you close to ordering the right manikin, hope that gets you started the search button will get you far if there is any more info needed.

Check this out

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Hope this helps....

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