Using artificial yote nose, lips on change-out

Submitted by SeaBass on 02/14/2004. ( )

Doing first coyote, and im using a change-out head becuase the whole lip splitting thing is scaring me...on the yotes nose, there is like a little strip of "nose material" underneath the bulk of the nose. This little strip of black skin blends into the lip line. Just wondering how to blend this into the artifical nose. Also, if using a McKenzie change-out head do i completly remove the yote's natural lips? One more thing. Are there any change-out heads besides open-mouth McKenzie ones? Thanks a bundle. hope this made sense.

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There are complete instructions there. Other companys have change out heads....but not the ones McKenzie offers with a Lip & nose cast. Go to there site. If you use the new change out heads they offer....then you don't need to worry about turning the lips or nose...just read the instructions on their site

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