Painting jaws

Submitted by Kim on 02/18/2004 at 18:11. ( )

Hi again when mounting an open mouth bear/wolf do you set the jaws in and set the head,lips in place,then paint.I tried this but i get more paint spots on teeth/tongue,which is harder to clean.Does anyone have a diff. way.

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This response submitted by George on 02/18/2004 at 22:28. ( )

Use colored Apoxie and mix the colors to the interior skin color you desire. Install it all prior to attaching any skin. OR use a mouth cup.

Tear mender

This response submitted by Lori on 02/18/2004 at 22:52. ( )

Tear Mender is a leather glue that behaves about like rubber cement. Paint it on your teeth (or eyes), allow a few minutes to dry, then paint your mount as usual. once your paint has dried, rub the tear mender with your finger to get a loose edge then peel off. Just be careful when you are applying to not get any on the gums because it will leave a line that is very difficult to blend. To clean up your application brush, dip your still wet brush in MEK then clean bristles with a wire brush.

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