Skinning a Bobcat

Submitted by Becky on 02/15/2004. ( )

I need to find infomation on how to skin a bobcat in order to have it mounted - details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!

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dorsal/for lifesize

This response submitted by lee wolford on 02/15/2004. ( )

if you are going to have a taxidermist do it, i would reccomend freezing it whole.

I would not recommend freezing it

This response submitted by Roadkill on 02/15/2004. ( )

You get the cat to the taxidermist asap. The bacterial growth starts as soon as the animal dies. Do not get the skin wet, or put it in the vehical with you as the heat will help bacterial growth.
The cat should be left in a cool area till you get it to the taxidermist.
You can call the Taxidermist you will be using to ask them how he wants it skinned, but unless you are veyr good at it, you may cut the ears to short, ruin the lips or eyelids, or cut the nose off or what ever, Also, the feet are harder to skin than most hunters.
I personally would rather skin it to be easyer to mount and to not show the incision. I have only had more sewing and fixing holes with a animals that someone else skinned out.
Freezing the animal does sound like a good thing to do, but they take a long time to thaw out and can slip on the ears and feet and belly as the cat will thaw in different areas faster and other slower. The animal also cools in different areas faster and in others slower. the fur insulates the body from freezing for a long time and it can spoil in the freezer.
If you are going to be a long time from getting to the taxidermist, you could comnsider flash freezing it with dry ice. Two blocks in the bottom of a cooler with a few layers of news paper inbetween the cat and the ice will work great, you can freeze the animal veyr fast with out problems, but you still have ot worry about the htawing process.
If you want a veyr nice mount, I would just take the taxidermist the cat asap and let them take care of it.

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