Help with raccoon toes

Submitted by Sandy on 02/18/2004. ( )

I have mounted several raccoons , however I still have trouble getting the toes to look real .Any suggestions about how to make them more lifelike ?

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Inject them with caulk

This response submitted by ... on 02/18/2004. ( . )

....use a syring


This response submitted by Travis on 02/18/2004. ( )

I agree with .... above. Before I slide the skin onto the manikin I inject the feet with caulking...all the way up to the ankle area..slide the skin on and work the caulking out evenly(naturally) throughout the foot area..squeeze the caulking towards the toes till they flare out like a rubber glove with water in it...then work the excess back to the footpad..I often glue the toes together in the position I want them..

Another method

This response submitted by The Rookie on 02/18/2004 at 13:54. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Many people take critter clay ,shape to approximate size,freeze, then insert and form appropriately. Jeff F.

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