Alum Tan Pheasant skins?

Submitted by nate mathews on 02/16/2004. ( )

Is it possible to use a Alum tan paste for pheasant skin? Will it shrink or crack to much on the manikin? What are the dissadvatages as opposed to a bird tan? After being tanned can I freeze it until im ready to mount?

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alum on pheasant skins

This response submitted by leo thomson on 02/17/2004. ( leo )

alum paste is far to harsh for most bird skins my practice is to make up a paste of melted johnsons baby soap with equal amount of borax mixed through the solution leave to set before applying the above paste with a stiff brush hogs hair oil painting brush is idealrem to keep said brush very wet whenapplying paste freezing skins yes but keep them well sealed also before freezinng spray legs and inside skin with fine mist of water SALTED SKINS WILL NOT FREEZE properly BEST OF LUCK SLANTIE scots gailic for good luck LEO

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