Thank you.....

Submitted by Toby on 02/20/2004 at 11:33. ( )

To all the professional taxidermist who take their time to answer questions and give advice... THANK YOU! I finished my first mount last night and it turned out great!(for me!) Between the taxidermy manuels and clicking that orange button to the left, I have had every question, and some I havent thought of yet, answered. God Bless you for your time!

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I agree.

This response submitted by Steve-o on 02/20/2004 at 12:19. ( )

Ditto to Toby's message. Just having finished my first few mounts, we are in the same boat. Thanks to all who contribute.


ps Toby, congrats on the mounts. Isn't it a nice feeling of accomplishment?

Glad you have learned.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 02/20/2004 at 12:41. ( )

Please tell these other newbies,

"How important it is to have the books!"

They do give you good info and helps you know what and where to ask for help.

Best investment ever made!

This response submitted by Toby on 02/20/2004 at 12:55. ( )

The books and video series is a must! While I waited for mine to come in, I went to the library and even found some! And to newbies with a question.... The orange button is your friend! My next investment.. cleaning out the spare bedroom. I cleaned a opossum on my kitchen table superbowl sunday and grossed out my husbands friends!

Best part about it

This response submitted by The Rookie on 02/20/2004 at 14:07. ( )

is that it only gets better if you continue to study and raise your expectations EVERY time! Research the new products. Sort through some of the senseless dribble and use good judgement to avoid already made mistakes. Theres nothing like that sense of accomplishment when you see it all coming together. And trust me, I still make LOTS of mistakes but I try to learn from them. My first deer took 3 forms before I got the right one!(LOL) My wife was ready to hang me.(expensive) I've done a few sense then but have come light years ahead of the first. Don't forget to enjoy it no matter how trying it becomes. If you're totally frustrated with something then back off for a minute and take a break. This sometimes leads to a totally new perspective in just a few minutes. Good Luck! Jeff F.

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