coyote foot question- between toes

Submitted by seabass on 02/21/2004 at 10:59. ( )

I was skinning out the feet of a yote for a lifesize mount and I noticed there are these small, almost pad-like fleshy-feeling things attached to the skin between the toes. The skin between this yotes toes is almost redish-colored and I'm afraid to try anything on the pads out of fear of ruining the foot (it's my first yote). Can i just inject them? or leave em alone? they're very small, probably 1/4-1/8 the size of the smaller pads on the bottom of the foot. Also, I skinned 2 of his feet before I checked here (stupid) and I acually split open all the the pads on the bottom of the foot in order to flesh the toes to the nail. Should i try and sew them up? do foot pads really even show in a finished mount? (NOT customer or competition work) Thanks

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This response submitted by keith on 02/22/2004 at 10:04. ( )

i always take the toes out completely and replace with little rolls of clay, that away i can shape the feet the way i want it makes it easier to work with, as far as the pad i split them and get the fatty material out. i sew them back up when i am mounting anything still showing i just 2 part epoxie and you never can tell.

I cut in a hal circle around the pads but...

This response submitted by Hogger on 02/22/2004 at 23:04. ( )

You won't see the pads of a standing coyote mount so who cares. Even one where his pads would show could be cut through the pad and you can still sew and hide that with sculpt. I cut around in a half circle in the furry part between the toes and the pad and that hides my sewing and the pad is unaffected. I turn the toes all the way through to the nails and fill with clay. I don't use apoxi sculpt in the toes because it doesn't give me enough work time to do the finish work in shaping the toes nicely. Good luck!

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