Willow ptarmigan

Submitted by rodeo on 02/24/2004 at 08:07. ( jhp58@voyager.net )

Doing my first willow ptarmigan. My ? is on the feet of this bird. How do I go about skinning the feet? Can I use the grouse form for it and what eye should I use? Are there any videos on this bird? Thanks.

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Hello Rodeo

This response submitted by jon on 02/24/2004 at 11:21. ( harlequintax )

I am assuming this isn't your first bird, yet neither is it your 5 th bird.

Some good rules of thumb..

whether you're mounting a sparrow, a rooster, a loon, a duck, or an Andean Condor, skinning the feet is relatively the same for all species.

As far as the body, if the grouse body matches closely to what you took out, then use it.. but chances are it is not.. You need to look at the carcass you have removed and find a body that looks exactly the same. You have to put back what you took out,

Eyes are the same size and color as the ones you took out. YOu may need to injet the original eye to get an accurate measuremnt and since I KNOW you have spent your time wisely researching this bird, you have plenty of photo reference to figure out what color you need.

I'm sorry to say I cant tell you what size to use... I get my species of Ptarmigan confused and I know that one of them most definatley takes a smaller eye.

There are many videos and books on the market that deal with mounting birds. For the most part the process is all the same or at least very similar. I would highly recommend you investing in some of them.

Good luck with your Tundra Chicken.


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