hide paste sonsistency

Submitted by Dan on 02/24/2004 at 16:03. ( danbond3@localnet.com )

I used a latex hide paste from Van Dykes and then switched to Buckeye supreme. Both hide pastes turn rubbery and seem to clump up on the mannikin within 10 minutes or so. It does not seem like it would stick good to the hide.I am sanding my form, and my hides are damp not wet. Is it normal for it to turn so soon? Or Iam I too slow. I cant minuvere the skin any or it wipes the paste of and gummes it up together. Any Idea of what I am doing wrong? Can I thin it down? Thanks

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This response submitted by Kenneth on 02/24/2004 at 16:28. ( )

Borax will cause it to clump. You are using it in one of your processes or it is in your Dry Preservative. If you are sure it is not part of your process, then it must be something else chemically reacting. I use Buckey with my tanned skins and Ben Mears spray tan an it is great. Good Luck.

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