Form size for Florida Whitetail?

Submitted by Robert on 02/24/2004 at 23:58. ( )

Like many, I'm interesting in learning whitetail taxidermy and will be shopping for a cape for practice/learning. My question is, can someone give me a rough idea on what size form (looking at Rhinehart's since I've been told the eye angle is preset) I might need for a North Florida whitetail (1.5 year 4-point)? The deer was taken many years ago but I have a full skull cap to work with.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Do you have a cape?

This response submitted by MichelleW on 02/25/2004 at 10:59. ( )

You havn't given us enough information to help you. What size cape are you looking for? Then we can help you on selecting a form. MichelleW

Sorry about that

This response submitted by Robert on 02/25/2004 at 13:52. ( )

Actually, I'm working a bit backwards here. I have a skull cap from a four-point Florida whitetail buck my brother took years ago. It was a small buck, probably no more than 100 lbs.
What I'm trying to find out is what size form and cape would be appropriate for a deer roughly that size? Since it's for practice/learning, it doesn't have to be perfect, just in the ballpark.
Thank you and, again, my apologies for the lack of information.

4 point

This response submitted by Lee V. on 02/27/2004 at 08:52. ( )

Robert I`am just starting myself but in my opion you can`t go by weight I have a 220 lb ten point and a 160lb twelve I working on now. but I would think you need one that fits around the base of the antleres good or close,maybe a 7 to 71/2 E to N and 16 or 16 1/2 Neck thats just my thoughts maybe some of these pros can tell you better. good luck

Thank you

This response submitted by Robert on 02/27/2004 at 13:55. ( )

Thanks for your response. I have a catalog coming from a tanner and I'll see what they have for capes. 16" or so is about the smallest form (from the ones I like) I've found so I think you're about right. It doesn't have to be perfect anyway. Just practicing.
Thank you again for your opinion and take care.

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