Dry Freezing ?

Submitted by Greg on 02/22/2004 at 12:45. ( Dietsch1124@aol.com )

I have a set of small velvet WT antlers that where taken off a roadkill
they are hard to the feel no soft spots, i was wondering if they
needed to be freeze dried or can be injected with peserve even if
it feels hard inside?

Also when something is placed inside a freeze drier how long does
it need to stay in there, a day or months? just curious, thanks

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freez dryind

This response submitted by Ed. on 02/22/2004 at 15:53. ( kyfowlplay@yahoo.com )

you can freez dry the rack in your freezer i would leve it for at less 6 months. then if it has any "solf" spots inject with denature alcohol. as for reg, freez drying it will depent on the siz, turkey heads will take about 6-8 weeks

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