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To often we see a beginner asking whats the best way to do something.

Truth is there is NOT ANY BEST WAY for all of us.

What I deem the Best Way for me George will say is not the BEST WAY.

Bobby Joe may like another method. Leroy may not any of OUR BEST WAYS.

The Best way is a subjective statement. )look up the word so you do understand it(

Whats the BEST TAN? Its the one You understand! Whats the form? again it is the one you understand.

Whats the best tools? The ones I have in my tool box, hell I have had most them longer than many of you are old, where did I get them? one of the supply companies.

WHats the Best Pick up truck on the road? See what I am saying now.

Whats the Best Outboard Boat motor? The one on my boat, its paid for.

WHats the Best Boat?

Whats the best tires? See this will vary widely.

Whats the best dial up connection?

Whats the best computer?

Whats the best operating system for my computer? The one I understand just a bit.

So whats the best way to skin a bird? The one that works for you!

Whats the Best way to skin a fish? The one you take all the meat out with.

See what I have said there is no such thing as BEST WAY in Taxidermy!

There are the Best materials but again there are some that will disagree!

The Best of anything is subjective most of the time.

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John i couldn't agree with you more. I am long past the arguement of the wirewheel.benchgrinder method. I am comfortable with the method i use and will gladly give anyone info on it that asks. Here again as mentioned it's all personal prefferance and what your comfortable with.

John C is again

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When I first came to this forum a few months ago, I read before I posted. I learned that there was a search button. I used it over and over again. I had questions on tanning, shaving, fleshers, ears , eyes, etc.. they are answered. I may have more questions as I go, and I hope I get a fair answer. But for now, I can get started with the information you folks have given in the past. As a beginer I thank you for the wealth of information you give on this forum.

Frosty ones to all,


What ever it takes!

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What ever it takes! As a newborn in Taxidermy/Tanning (4yr.),and someone who just found this sight I adopted the saying long ago "What ever it takes" to get it right. Like John sade whats right for me may not be for you. This thought process may eliminate some of the tension in the responses I have read. But that's just "my" thoughts.


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Jonn C i have a anwser for one of you questions FORD is the only truck you should ever need ,I have changed many of starters on dodges and pulled many of chevey out of the mud with my F150 ford my freinds know who to call when there junk brakes down

Who's the best presidential canidate?

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maybe there is not a best way but there are many better ways.

Yep Wilson there are better ways, and they are opinions.

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WHat I am trying to get beginners to realize, is a method that works for me, may be best for me. I remember the day I would never have used a epoxy hide paste, with Epo-Grip I will never go back to water based.

I will never do a full cut on a deerhead again, if I have my choice, short Y always.

I have been the rounds with water based paints, IMHO Lacquers are better and they are not any more dangerous. Waterbased will kill you toooooo.

What we think is better or best the next taxidermist may say, damn that sucks!

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