2 questions bear tag WI, & hide breaking

Submitted by shawn on 02/28/2004 at 19:01. ( )

1st question- Im in Wisconsin, and just got a bear in with 2 tags in each of its ears. They have 1800 #s on em for the dnr.Apparently the hunter dident call them. Should I? I know this is kinda a DUHH! question, but thought maybe someone knew something i dident.

2nd question- My saw me breaking a deer hide, and thought there must be an easier way, suggesting an old washing machien roller. I told him that that would damage the hair, and that it just takes a lot of working/sanding to make a fur a fur. Is there an easier way? chemical or leather softener?

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problem bear

This response submitted by Jim on 02/28/2004 at 21:32. ( )

Hey Shawn the tags are usually put in their if the bears are live trapped and relocated. They way I understand it is three strikes and their out, so if that hunter wouldn't have harvested that bear the dnr would have if they would have live trapped it again because it was causing problems for someone. I'd ask the hunter to call, the dnr would probably just want to know where the bear met his demise.


This response submitted by b. bishop on 02/28/2004 at 23:21. ( )

learned something new today ! Thanks JIM !


This response submitted by Linda C. on 03/01/2004 at 12:26. ( )

I also used to believe the three strikes theory...until I asked the DNR about it.Both tags are inserted at the same time,either nuisence bear or field study bear,in case they tear one out they still have the other one.The number itself is recorded so they can document further captures.If you call the 800 number they will give you information on when and where the animal was tagged and also ask you questions about where and when the animal was taken for their records.

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