Van Dykes form paste

Submitted by Davy on 02/29/2004 at 01:23. ( )

Just wondering if Van Dykes form paste is any good to use for mounting a whitetail. Its my first try, and it sounds like it takes a while to dry, so I will have time to fiddle with the mount before it dries on me.

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Form Paste

This response submitted by Ed Chambers on 02/29/2004 at 08:10. ( )


Van Dykes form paste would be good to use especially for you first deer. Mix it with water to a thick creamy consistancy,put it in the refridgerator overnight and mix again before every use. I also use this form paste and I also add basacryl nb-ku to it as well. You may also use form pastes that are offered in the powdered form from WASCO,McKenzie and other supply companies. Ed

Thanks Ed

This response submitted by Davy on 02/29/2004 at 15:46. ( )

I appreciate the advice!

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