for a beginner should I attempt to try birds

Submitted by malcolm on 02/26/2004 at 23:33. ( )

Is bird skinning and moundting really hard
I get the impression that it is?

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This response submitted by George on 02/26/2004 at 23:42. ( )

Nothing's ever as hard as it seemed once it's finished. You gotta do your first one SOMETIME, don't you? Why not now?


This response submitted by Christina Jones on 02/27/2004 at 07:29. ( )

Definitely give it a try! Yes it is hard--I thought it was alot harder than mammals, but boy did I learn alot with my first bird. My second bird is teaching me alot too--they are so beautiful though, it is a great sense of accomplishment to see one finished. Just jump in and do it, and be prepared to sew up alot of holes!



This response submitted by John on 02/27/2004 at 14:03. ( )

Yes malcom give it a try.I would start with a pigion first because they are plentiful.If posible get a few of them and practice skinning first.Remember take your time you are doing this to enjoy your self.Practice makes perfect.John

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