Stretching hide

Submitted by kim on 03/17/2004 at 18:03. ( )

I got my wolf back from the tanner,and set the head,and paws,
i want to stretch the hide a little more.This is going to be a rug.Would i soak the remaining hide and staple it down to shape and size or use a spray bottle and just dampen it.Now when i staple it down is it fur side up/down.

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stretching hide

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 03/17/2004 at 20:14. ( )

Kim, Sounds like the head and paws are done already? Those would need soaking first if not, but only soak till they start to soften then dampen the skin all over w/wet rag(just clean water), bag in trash bag in refrigerator over night, stretch out next day- fur side up. That's how I would do it- Enjoy, Aaron H.

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