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Submitted by yasmine on 06/24/2004 at 12:27. ( )

what does "to break up" mean ? do you say "to break up a hide" or "to break up fibers" ?

do you use the word "a buffer" ? if so, then what does that mean ?

which word is the most often used ? a case incision or a tube incision ? are these 2 words used to describe both the incision made from one ankle to another and the y incision used to remove horns on animals which have antlers ?

do you know what a cradle is ?

is the rehydration of the skin made during the relaxation ? or are these stpes different ?

do you know the difference between re-creation, restoration, rendering and reproduction ?


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This response submitted by Old Fart on 06/24/2004 at 14:31. ( )

Breaking is the softening of a skin, by phisical force, not softening by a wetting agent.

Tubed and cased are used to describe an animal skinned ankle to ankle. When talking about a cape(head and shoulder skin) the term is "short incision" although some people will refer to it as "tube" but I would never refered to as "cased".

Cradle is used hold or support something you are working on. I have a small cradle to support my fish mounts as I work on them I have a larger cradle to support lifesize mounts while the legs are being sewn up. Imagine an animal laying on its back with it's legs sticking up, it could roll from side to side if it weren't supported by the cradle.

Rehydrating a skin is done to rehydrate a dry skin prior to the tanning process and to reyhdrate a dry tanned skin to relax it prior to mounting it.

Recreation is to build something from something else. Example to make an extinct or rare animal out of common species. Like making a panda out of black bear and white haired skins.

Restoration is to take something already mounted, that might be in bad condition, and bring it back to new. This is not usually done to mounts for a number of reasons, but cost is the main one.

Reproduction is usually a cast made from an original by using a mold.

Rendering is the process, not a particular method. You would render a reproduction from a mold. You would render a recreation from parts ofother animals. The finished product ia a "rendering". It is a strange term when you apply it to what we do.


This response submitted by virgin on 06/25/2004 at 01:11. ( )

I love your questions. Everyone is so good about answering them so thoroughly, I learn a lot. If I asked I'd more than likely get some silly or rude reply. I hope your research never ends!


This response submitted by yasmine on 06/25/2004 at 19:14. ( )

old fart for always helping me !
and thanks virgin for your compliments (hope you dont make fun of me lol)

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