Relief cuts

Submitted by Dan on 07/26/2004 at 16:28. ( )

Are relief cuts slices in the skin (legs) or cuts in the form that you tuck extra skin into. From what I've researched, I think they are cut in the form. I would appreciate any replies. I did search the orange button but did not come up with an exact answer. Thank you very much in advance. Dan

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Dan, Relief cuts are in the forms

This response submitted by George on 07/26/2004 at 16:44. ( )

The most often used ones are under the legs of lifesized animals. Bears are especially troublesome withough someplace to put that extra "arm pit" skin and the relief cut is made on the back side just to serve this purpose.


This response submitted by Ed on 07/26/2004 at 17:46. ( )

George perhaps it's just my take on the question, but I wouldn't call what you explain as "relief cuts" but more as "slots" cut into the form for tucking excess skin. Dan's question left it open to make a guess of what he really is asking.

To me when asked what a "relief cut" is, what pops in my mind is a short incision on the lower part of a leg/foot area on the animal while skinning. ("legs" such as stated in the above post) to allow the foot/leg to be inverted.

Question answered in full

This response submitted by Dan on 07/26/2004 at 18:19. ( )

George and ED,
Thank you very much. You both answered my questioned. Once again, thank you very much.

Our language is sometimes confusing, Ed

This response submitted by George on 07/26/2004 at 18:23. ( )

You obviously never used the old paper forms. You didn't cut a SLOT in the form, you just made a RELIEF CUT. The form was hollow inside and the RELIEF CUT allowed you to tuck excess hide into the hollow of the form. Ir was referring to the FORM and not to the hide when the term originated.

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