problems with McKenzie tan

Submitted by JADAMS on 9/12/04 at 10:30 PM. ( )

I have just recently tried McKenzie tan. I am having a problem with hair slippage. I have checked the archives, and found no information that applies to this problem. I followed the tanning procedure perfectly, but there was a small amount of hair slippage. After caping my animal I laid the skin flat in a trash bag to freeze it and recently pulled the cape to start my salting, rough flesh, and pickle. This same type of slippage happened to my brother when he mounted his last two deer. It's not a lot of slippage but even a little is too much. Any remedies or input would be greatly appreciated.

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basically said...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/12/04 at 11:05 PM. ( )

Tanning doesnt cause slippage. Check out all the stuff you saw in the archives. That would include the water source (bacteria) how good the cape was, and regardless of what others might say, I still believe pickling is important enough not to skip. Are you getting enough water out of it prior to applying the tan? I ask all this because this is a good tan. I just did a bunch of capes here this week using it and still havent seen the problems some here have experienced. Good luck to you.

Did it SLIP or was hair falling out

This response submitted by George on 9/12/04 at 11:44 PM. ( )

There's a huge difference there, but if it did slip, I'm with Bill. The problem like happened BEFORE you got the hide (if you followed the directions explicitly.)

Bill Yox

This response submitted by JADAMS on 9/12/04 at 11:48 PM. ( )

Bill, thanks for the quick reply. I did just what McKenzie said to, after neutralizing rinse and roll up into a towel for 15 min. Then brush on the tan. Should I dry the cape more? I Don't have a tumbler yet. thanks, Jared

Home made tumbler

This response submitted by Ted Medley on 9/13/04 at 3:21 AM. ( )

You can build a tumbler out of an old clothes dryer. DO NOT use the heat. Put you some hardwood sawdust (about 10% full) and some old tennis shows. Let it spin for about 10 min.


Me Too

This response submitted by Bwana on 9/13/04 at 11:16 AM. ( )

I have also had problems with hair slippage. I very rarely have this problem with Liqua Tan but probably a third of the capes I did with the McKenzie tan had some slippage. Liqa Tan seems to be a much better produst to me.

Slippage w/ McKenzie Tan

This response submitted by James on 9/13/04 at 5:24 PM. ( )

I use McKenzie wet tan on all my game heads and have great results. When I have slippage either it is that the cape wasn't properly taken care of or if I washed the cape and didn't tumble before applying tan it seemed to have little or some slippage.


This response submitted by JADAMS on 9/13/04 at 5:25 PM. ( )

Actually I was having a little of both. When I went to pull the seam together a small patch of hair came out, not a large piece of slippage, but slippage none the less. I also noticed in the pickle there was some loose hair floating around. Some hair is to be expected, I'd suppose. Thanks for writing George, Jared

me too

This response submitted by earl on 9/13/04 at 5:32 PM. ( )

i have had some slippage on almost every skin tanned with McKenzie tan. i followed the directions perfectly, needless to say i no longer use it.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/13/04 at 10:52 PM. ( )

I guess if you are seeing loose hair in the pickle, its NOT the McKenzie Tan, correct? Youll need to go over your salting, fleshing, handling and drying processes, along with your pickling methods, etc. Many guys are using well water, which can change from day to day, no less seasonally, etc. My guess would be bacteria. Its just a guess, though. I know, I sound like I cant be told anything, lol! But tans do NOT cause slippage, the prep before tans does. McKenzie Tan is a very good product. You might do well calling McKenzie and asking for Mike, Phil or Perry.

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