Indiana Largemouth Bass

Submitted by Chuck on 9/13/04 at 1:28 AM. ( )

Can anyone share a largemouth bass painting schedule with me, email me , Thanks Chuck

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WASCO has a few good ones!

This response submitted by Joe V. on 9/13/04 at 10:32 AM. ( )

WASCO has a few. I like tom Sextons and then Substitute the bright yellow with Cadmium yellow. If you do this be carful you can wreck a fish if you go to heavy with this yellow! Buy the schedule for $1 and you will not be sorry you did! Sorry I don't know the schedule off the top of my head to tell you it. Also there are diagrams of where to put the paint on the fish that could not be explained well in words.


This response submitted by Brent on 9/13/04 at 10:47 PM. ( )

Check your email chuck.


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