CBC TV show is looking for young taxidermists!

Submitted by Jennifer Strate on 9/13/04 at 3:49 PM. ( jennifer_strate@cbc.ca )


I work on a social affairs and culture show on CBC TV for viewers age 16 - 24. We are currently looking to speak with taxidermists, or beginning taxidermists, between the ages of 14 and 23. Please contact me at 416-205-7661 or at jennifer_strate@cbc.ca for more details if you know of anyone who might fit our show.

Thank you,

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This response submitted by Scott on 9/13/04 at 6:03 PM. ( )

I wouldn't want my name associated with a group like CBS. I'd be afraid they would make up forged documents about me like they are known for doing.

Who said CBS?

This response submitted by Raven on 9/13/04 at 6:33 PM. ( )

Who said CBS? Believe it or not.. there IS a world outside of the US... CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and is Canadas national television and radio network. They are a wonderful resource for loads of accurate information and present things from various points of view. I listen to a lot of CBC Radio One (a talk /phone in/documentary type station) and have nothing bad to say about them. CBC Television also airs the SImpsons every day at 5 pm EST, followed by a couple of comedy shows.. AND - during hockey season, they are the home to Hockey Night in Canada - WOOHOO!

C.B.C is a good neighbour

This response submitted by David Jarvis on 9/13/04 at 6:47 PM. ( djarvis@nbnet.nb.ca )

If the CBC is looking for a young taxiderist ,there on the up and up. I'm a beginning taidermist from New Brunswick ""But toooooooooo oldddddddddd 53 :) If any of you young fellows want a shot at TV this is a valid window of opportunity.

Thanks Raven

This response submitted by TomB on 9/13/04 at 6:53 PM. ( )

For that chuckle.

Old David

This response submitted by Judy on 9/13/04 at 7:24 PM. ( )

I'm a beginner, and 53, and don't think I'm toooooo old. After all, we could be a dead thing! :-js

Judy ! Judy !

This response submitted by David Jarvis on 9/13/04 at 7:54 PM. ( djarvis@nbnet.nb.ca )

A real live girl that dosen't mind dead critters! Where were you when I was chasin girls ;)

CBC is a pretty good station.

This response submitted by Junipera on 9/13/04 at 8:19 PM. ( )

I would even consider getting Cable if CBC were offered.

Sorry if I made a mistake

This response submitted by Scott on 9/13/04 at 10:08 PM. ( )

But she said her address sounded like California to me and I'm so used to people mistyping things on this site that I thought she meant CBS. The phone number sounds Californian too.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/13/04 at 10:36 PM. ( )

Ca in her address is for Canada. I like the CBC too, Hockey Night in Canada rules.

Too Bad we won't be seeing it this year =(

This response submitted by Raven on 9/14/04 at 5:08 PM. ( )

They settle things with Don Cherry (WooHoo!) but then the players get locked out - grrrrrrr.......

Fit the requirements but too far

This response submitted by christina on 10/5/04 at 10:46 PM. ( cnandress@hotmail.com )

My fiance and I are young taxidermist (both 21). He's not a beginner but I am (4yrs.). But we live in South Alabama. A looooonge way from Canada. A TV show would be cool though!

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