What is needed to start a taxidermy business

Submitted by James on 9/13/04 at 4:59 PM. ( )

I was wanting to start mounting deer heads for customers. I wanted to know what permits and licenses I needed and also where I can get them at. Also anything else to keep me from getting into trouble! Besides Competition! Just Jokin!

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Wanted to start Taxidermy business

This response submitted by James on 9/13/04 at 5:05 PM. ( )

I Forgot to mention that I reside in Georgia!

Check with the State of Georgia and Local & County govt.

This response submitted by Ed on 9/13/04 at 7:01 PM. ( )

Check with the State of Georgia and your Local and County Govt. offices for any and all regulations. Also talk with your local Game Warden. Even though you say you are going to do Deer mounts also check about migratory birds and fur bearers including the buying and selling of furs. Also check out the USF&G website on migratory bird regulations. After you get started make sure to check all these place every year for new or updated regulations.

I'me from South Georgia

This response submitted by MichelleW on 9/13/04 at 10:49 PM. ( blacktail21@hotmail.com )

Hey James,

I'm from Georgia also. I would be glad to answer any of your questions and talk you through procedures. Feel free to E-mail me at either: blacktail21@hotmail.com or taxidermy_woman@yahoo.com

Nothing just open it.

This response submitted by John C on 9/14/04 at 6:28 PM. ( )

Why tain't nuthin to it, dont worry about if your wurk is any godo, dount wurry ifin you can eefin du taxidurmy. jest open yur door and sturt yurbusnuss noow.

Maybe you should learn taxidermy first, go to a show and see the difference between work. Then think about opening a business.


This response submitted by Susan on 9/15/04 at 6:13 PM. ( susancrowd@aol.com )

Behave yourself! James asked some perfectly legitimate questions-and has asked them in the appropriate forum category, besides...we don't know if he has hobbie-based experience in taxidermy or not. If he doesn't...he will soon enough. So wish him well and encourage him in his endeavors, I do. Good luck in finding your way James-Susan

A Client Base

This response submitted by Headhanger on 9/17/04 at 8:35 AM. ( gclare@cox.net )


Run your Taxidermy business as a sideline job for a couple of years (do not quit your real job), developing an established client base, a reputation for quality work, and experience. Once you've got more work than you can handle as a part-timer, then you might consider taking the leap into a full-time Taxidermy studio. Good luck.



This response submitted by ed on 9/29/04 at 9:04 PM. ( )

If your going to open up shop FIRST and FOREMOST learn the trade from a a school or a respected taxidermist. I bought a taxidermists businnes after he gave me all the trainiing time for him to close the doors. It took six months of hard work and asking questions and watching how its done. Taxidermy is aart noty a job u can start and quit anytime u have to be devoted to it to turn out quality work otherwise youll just be a basement taxidermist. and that can give all of us a bad name

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