Macerating skulls & bad odor

Submitted by Amy Ritchie on 9/14/04 at 11:29 PM. ( )

Not sure where to post this so I'll put it in this category. I like to clean skulls by maceration, it gets them nice and clean. I just put them in a bucket of water for about three weeks and let the bugs do their thing. After being washed and soaked in peroxide the skulls are nice a white, but yuck! Still a nasty "rotten" smell. Is there anything I can do about this? Perhaps sitting them out in the sun for a few days? I wanted to sell these skulls to customers but not with this kind of smell.

Also, can anyone tell me if there are any laws against selling a cleaned black bear skull in North Carolina. I have one I would like to sell but not sure if it is legal, I know there are a lot of laws against bears.



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Are you degreasing?

This response submitted by Raven on 9/15/04 at 6:16 AM. ( )

You didn't mention degreasing Amy.... you must *always* degrease. Usually by the time you degrease (even if it looks like it doesn't require it) all your odours are gone.

Best degreaser I have found after factoring all concerns is Rittels SUper Solvent btw =)

Good luck =)

can't sell any bear parts in nc

This response submitted by steve on 9/15/04 at 9:42 AM. ( )

Sorry amy, you can't sell any bear parts in NC. No hide,claws or skulls etc. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

your work

This response submitted by vj on 9/15/04 at 9:46 AM. ( )

hey, just wanted to let u know that i visited your site a couple of weeks ago. u do excellent work. keep up the great job, and if i am ever in need of a good taxidermist in nc, u will be the first i call!


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 9/15/04 at 1:10 PM. ( NaturesTrophies,aol )

Are you partially emptying the water as you mascerate? Not sure if you've seen it yet but Evelyn has a nice article on this stuff. I don't think it gets into degreasing but you know your way around "orangeland". Keep up the good work and heres that link if you don't already have it. Peace- Jeff F.

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