Ideas on finishing the back of a wall pedestal?

Submitted by smiley on 9/15/04 at 4:27 PM. ( )

Just finished mounting my first wall pedestal and was wondering what some of you have done to finish the back so it looks nice..Any ideas? I was thinking about using buckskin but not sure where to trim the skin and attach,any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I use Flocking

This response submitted by Pirate on 9/15/04 at 8:23 PM. ( )

Its tough to get a covering to lay real neat on the curved areas. I use a powder flocking that when dry looks like a real smooth felt covering. I haven't bought it in a while but I believe I got it from Van Dykes.

Flex Stone

This response submitted by Tom on 9/15/04 at 9:18 PM. ( )

I used Flex Stone on the back of a pedestal mount and it worked well. Just make sure you ruff the back of the manikin up real good before you apply it. It comes in a variety of colors.

using buckskin on wall pedestal

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 9/16/04 at 8:39 AM. ( mhoney"AT"mindspring"DOT"com )

Smiley, I use soft buckskin to back wall pedestals and on regular pedestal mounts as well. Soft thin buckskin is very stretchy and can easily be made to conform to irregular form backs. Rough up the foam and glue in with Henry floor tile cement. I trim off the cape leaving the edge "rolled" around the edge slightly. The leather is worked up under the edge of the hair which pretty well conceals the junction. After glueing in I use a staple gun that shoots brads to nail the leather securely on the edges. That's how I do it but never stop thinking about other ways. Most of my customers seem to like the leather a lot but others don't care much how it's done. In truth it is not very visable so there is a good argument for quick and easy methods. When doing this work for customers be sure to charge for the extra time and materials. Enjoy, Aaron H.

How much more?

This response submitted by Steve on 9/16/04 at 10:11 AM. ( )

How much more do you charge for a pedestal say versus a regular wall shoulder mount. In the past 5 years of doing deer I have never had anyone request a pedestal. I figure sooner or later it's going to happen so I should probably get some ideas on charges. I'm guessing it's going to be based on how it gets finished out and the time involved, but do you all offer different ways of finishing or do you have your set way of say the buckskin and that's all you offer? Just wondering what everyone else does?

Thanks, Steve

It's easy!

This response submitted by Jerry S on 9/16/04 at 11:48 AM. ( )

Before you mount the head, go to the back of the form and use a dremel tool with a 1/8" drill bit in it to cut a groove all the way around the back, about 1" from the edge. Make the groove about 1/2" deep.

As you mount the head, bring the hide paste around the edge to the groove. Use your lip tucking tool (or a dull butter knife works great) and tuck the trimed hide into the groove you cut.

After the mount dries, glue the thin leather to the back to finish it and, using the same tucking tool, tuck the edges of the leather into the groove where the hide went.

It's fast, easy, and looks great.

Good luck.

Jerry S.


This response submitted by Jack F on 9/19/04 at 7:28 AM. ( )

I have to say. I will try your method first chance I get. That sounds like a great method. This is the reason this site is priceless. Thanks for that great tip. Jack F

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