What permits do I need?

Submitted by Nate on 9/1/04 at 7:09 PM. ( newanimal@myway.com )

To buy animals from this site (such as deer, fox, duck) what permits am I required to buy? I live in Florida.


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This response submitted by trapper john on 9/1/04 at 11:51 PM. ( )

Get a fur buyer permit from your state. It will save you a head ache.


This response submitted by MichelleW on 9/2/04 at 8:17 AM. ( blacktail21@hotmail.com )

Nate I'm in Georgia. As far as I know you do not need a fur dealers permit to buy deer in FL. I would recomend that you call you local DNR or Game Managemnt office and ask them. They will be able to tell you.


This response submitted by Nate on 9/2/04 at 4:09 PM. ( )

Thanks for the replys.

I found the form on the internet. A fur buyer's permit is $100 for 12 months in Florida.


What's the fine for not having it?

This response submitted by justlookinout4U on 9/2/04 at 9:18 PM. ( )

"An ounce of prevention is better than gettin the hell fined out of ya!

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