E-Z Mount Dry-Tan ?

Submitted by Doug on 9/1/04 at 7:59 PM. ( )

I would like some info on [a supply company] E-ZMountDry-Tan Preservative.
Pros and Cons for use on Deer Capes and anything else that would
like to be added.
Thanks For Any Info

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This response submitted by jt on 9/1/04 at 9:05 PM. ( )

Dan the Man has what it takes. The best D.P. available. EZmount is an awesome product.

Good Stuff

This response submitted by Dean Gregg ( Coal Hollow Taxidermy) on 9/2/04 at 2:50 PM. ( gregg8664@msn.com )

I have used alot of it over the years and have always had good luck. The main thing I can suggest it to make sure you get your cape thinned properly to keep it from wanting to shrink and crack other than that no problems. Good luck Dean

I have done well over a 1000

This response submitted by Ron on 9/3/04 at 11:54 PM. ( )

deer plus 1000's of birds, and small game animals even elk and sheep, with it with no problems. I feel it is the best pres. out there. Not sure what the differnce is but it works better than some others I have tried.

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