Methanol vs Denatured Alcohol

Submitted by Tim on 9/18/04 at 4:05 PM. ( )

Can I use denatured alcohol to preserve fish skins or should I use methanol? I can find denatured alcohol at the hardware store but can't find methanol.

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This response submitted by marty on 9/18/04 at 4:12 PM. ( )

...Alcohol (50%) and water (50%)...

Did not answer my question.

This response submitted by Tim on 9/18/04 at 4:39 PM. ( )

I wanted to know if I could use denatured alcohol in place of methanol. Are they the same thing?

YES, You Can Use Either One

This response submitted by Old Fart on 9/18/04 at 5:14 PM. ( )

You can even use it full strength if you want.

No they are not the same thing

This response submitted by Raven on 9/18/04 at 5:22 PM. ( )

Methanol is a common component of Denatured Alcohol. The Denatured alcohol *I* have is 85% Ethanol and 15% Methanol (wood alcohol). Different manufacturers have different 'recipes' for their mix.


This response submitted by wilson on 9/18/04 at 7:28 PM. ( )

I have been doing this for a few days and all i use is isopropyl alcohol; can be found at any food or drug store along with many other dealers.

why use this stuff

This response submitted by ..................... on 9/18/04 at 7:39 PM. ( )

when you can order fish tan from McKenzie Noonkester etc?

Because fish "TAN" is a waste of money

This response submitted by George on 9/18/04 at 11:52 PM. ( )

You could buy a five gallon bucket of alcohol or denatured alcohol for what you'd pay for a gallon of "fish tan". And the "fish tan" doesn't do nearly as good a job. If it came down to fish tan or NOTHING, I'd just as soon use nothing.


This response submitted by Deleted Massachusetts on 9/20/04 at 9:13 PM. ( )

Have used both full stregth.Don,t use any salt on fish prior to immersing in solution,also rinse off borax.Salt & alcohol seem to cause deteriation of fish skin.

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