beaver stumps

Submitted by matt on 9/28/04 at 4:16 PM. ( )

anyone make repros of these or is it easier to try and find one, or better to make one. went looking for some no luck, plan on making one need a stump 8-10" diameter or so and about 2' high or so. if anything give me your guy's experience on what you did for a beaver stump. thanks

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This response submitted by George on 9/28/04 at 5:16 PM. ( )

It's just easier to make one. Cut a green poplar, maple, birch tree down and use the excess for firewood. Cut a piece about the three feet long and take a SHARP hatchet and start "sharpening the pencil". Once you get the end pointed, take the hatchet and make sure none of your "flats" are too larged. Even it out as necessary and then cut it to length. Use the chips you've made around it. Few people will ever notice.

Tooth marks

This response submitted by Ed on 9/28/04 at 5:49 PM. ( )

I would notice a fake but then again I have a background in biology. If you do make the stump, you may want to add tooth marks with a gouge to add a bit of realism to it. Also, a stump of that size would not usually be chewed to a point but would break off with a couple of inches to go near the center. Depending on your client's budget, I would more likely look for a real stump as it would probably cost less for a real one than the time to make one.

If you are not in a huge hurry for it, I can keep an eye out on the river this fall while I am duck hunting. I do have a piece that is about 20" long with a 3" diameter chewed end. It is weathered gray but could probably bleach out. Let me know if you are interested in either offer.

thanks guys

This response submitted by matt on 9/28/04 at 6:41 PM. ( )

Ed thanks much for your offer. as a last ditch effort on my part i will be up fishing in minnesota next week and if i cant find what i'm looking for there as far as stumps go i'll have to take george's advice and make one out of birch. thanks again.

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