Help with tanned boar hide

Submitted by Todd Adams on 9/19/04 at 7:02 PM. ( )

I have a tanned boar cape that I took out of the freezer and unthawed, I was going to mount it today but something came up so I could not. My question is, is it ok to just put the cape in a plastic bag and put it in the fridgerator until next sunday? Again this is a tanned cape. Thanks in advance.

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too risky

This response submitted by Jeanette Hall on 9/19/04 at 7:53 PM. ( )

I would definately not risk it. Even though the hide is tanned it can still suffer slippage and mold is a factor as well. Refreeze it and set it out Saturday night in the fridge. It will be ready for you to mount on Sunday and you will have a specimen that is in good shape! Best of luck to you.

lay flat in the freezer

This response submitted by Hip-O Taxidermy on 9/20/04 at 1:26 PM. ( )

Just lay it flat in the freezer without a plastic sack, as long as it's just for a day or two. When you take it out it'll thaw very quickly as opposed to a rolled or folded cape.

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