taxidermy test?

Submitted by dale on 9/29/04 at 2:51 PM. ( )

I just read where a fellow failed his PA taxidermy exam. I assume PA stands for Pennsylvania. I'm from Washington state and have never heard of such a thing as a taxidermy test. In this state, if you've got $180, you to can be a licensed taxidermist. What does the test qualify you for and do you need one to put out your shingle or what? Just curious! Thanks.

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PA test

This response submitted by Andy Storm on 9/29/04 at 5:01 PM. ( )

Yes, PA stands for pennsylvania.The test is in three parts: hands on ( I set a bobcat eye),5 specimens the applicant has mounted within the last three years which are judged by the examiners, and a written exam comprised of game laws and common taxidermy procedures. If all three parts of the exam are passed, you pay $100 for a license that is good for one year.In PA, a person is not allowed to mount anything for anyone, even for free. You are allowed to mount things you have killed yourself, or bought from a propogator.Hope I explained everything clearly. Take care


This response submitted by Asher on 9/29/04 at 6:14 PM. ( )

I have a friend that just passed their PA test and it sounded very comprehensive. Here in Oregon all you need is $6.50 a year which includes admin fees and you can be a licensed taxidermist.

I wish other states would do the same

This response submitted by Dean on 9/29/04 at 11:02 PM. ( )

If all states would do the same it would get rid of the hacks. I'm not knocking those starting out and learning. But those that have been in the business for a while and can't get any better at it. The shady ones seem to give us all a bad name and make the general public use more caution when choosing a taxidermist. It would bring the over all quality of taxidermy up and help set a more even pay scale for all. They should also have to prove themselves by getting at least a few ribbons at a state competition. They would have to be at least a third to qualify.

Too funny

This response submitted by Wally on 9/30/04 at 8:39 PM. ( )

If you do GOOD work the hacks only help ya..Do better work and your pay scale will go up..
Isnt the cleint drawn to your shop by the higher quality anbd prompt service?I personaly wouldnt want the type of cleint looking for the blue light flashing..When they try to be my best freind and ask me for a deal I tell them "you bet I give ya a deal you'll get it on time and the way you want it"...
YES I want the public to be cautious thats whats bringing them in my door now..Hummmmmmmmmmm
Setting a pay scale you must be one of those union needing people..never seen the need nor ever got anything from either of the unions I belonged to all they did was take my money and HIDE loosers...
Humm I've seen crap work with ribbonss hanging on it...
Produceing quality and word of mouth are your best union rep dont ya think?

Non union

This response submitted by Dean on 10/1/04 at 8:46 AM. ( )

Wally,I don't belive in unions either. They just take your money. And yes, I to have seen some real crap out there with ribbons on it. That means the judge may not be qualified or was told to give out ribbons so people come back. The reason for compitition is for the newer taxidermist to to learn, and get better and us older ones to keep the edge. As far as price I'm the highest in the area and trying to cut back on work coming in but they still keep dropping it off. I just don't like to see someones trophy get ruined by a hack in order to make a buck. Hacks can help you but also hurt you if a customer can't see the difference because they are caught up in the novalty of getting their mount. Some customers can't see the difference in great taxidermy or poor taxidermy unless some one shows them or they get bit in the butt. I don't like seeing someone cutting prices in order to land a job and use the trophy to practice on. If the quality of taxidermy goes up by all then it is your name, your quality of work, your personality and business ethics that will bring them in. Treating a customer nice goes a long way as long to get them in the door. The quality will cap the sale. A combination of the two will keep them coming back. Price doesn't seem to matter if the quality is there. The ones that price shop would change their views and start looking at quality if the taxidermy pricing weren't so spread out.


This response submitted by Wally on 10/1/04 at 11:25 AM. ( )

I agree with ya..I just thought you might get a laugh.. I gota call from a perspective wanting me to do a fish..I told them $10 and inch ..They said well the guy down the street does it for $5.50 how about if he mounts it will you paint it..I said YUP but Ill still charge ya $10 an inch..A hour late the fish came in the door..In the long run quality wins overall.....

I agree with ya Cept

This response submitted by Wally on 10/1/04 at 11:28 AM. ( )

I dont think the test will do anything cept allow the state to pick who they think is good or suck's thier ass,,,,Bottom line free enterprise and let the quality govern,,If a client cant tell the diff then do ya realy want them to come back.Educate and inform is the trick...Offer to do a little seminar on quality and handleing of a mount for a local du banquet ect that is on4e way to get the message out ther in your area..

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