velvet antlers/ antler staining

Submitted by Mick on 9/25/04 at 11:00 PM. ( )

I`ve got 2 caribou sets of antlers. one is split in half and I have it in my freezer how long will it take to freeze dry the velvet on itin a regular chest freezer. The other velvet rack spoiled so Istripped the velvet off and it is a pond because it is oozing blood out. 5 or 6 yrs. ago I had the same thing happen after soaking for 6 weeks they still were seeping a little blood out , I let it dry and stained them. I didn`t like the way it stained around the dried bloody areas. Is it better to try to bleach the bloody areas first before staining?

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Several things

This response submitted by Evelyn on 9/28/04 at 1:00 PM. ( )

The antlers in the pond are ok for now. But what you could do is soak them in blood remover (blood out I believe it is called) rather then just the pond. Especially if they are oozing blood. You can get blood remover from Rittel.

The velvet antlers I would not leave in the freezer. A chest freezer is not the right type of freezer to do that kind of freeze drying. If you want them freeze dried send them to a freeze dry specialist.

The other choice you have, and that is what I do to all my velvet antlers, is to inject them with preservz it. You can get it from Rittel or any taxidermy supply company. If you go to I have an article there on skull cleaning which also goes into detail on velvet antler preservation using the injection method.

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