taxidermy schools in Sydney or Melbourne, Australia

Submitted by jez on 11/14/04 at 9:13 PM. ( )

i'm interested in learning/studying taxidermy but am unsure of how or where to start.Can anyone suggest any schools or courses in Sydney or Melbourne ,Australia or are there any taxidermists in Sydney or Melbourne that are willing to teach me or take me on as a volunteer or apprentice?Any feedback or information would be greatly appreciated.thanks.

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There are none.

This response submitted by samantha on 11/14/04 at 11:43 PM. ( )

I am in Australia also.
This forum is about the best place for advice though.
That search button hides a wealth of infomation. Spend a day going thru some of it and copy it into a note book for refrence later.
You might be extreemly lucky and have some taxo let you into thier shop....but i doubt it. Some of the ones who will arn't worth learning from anyhow. (just personal experience there)
I was lucky enough to have a short time training with friends in NewZealand.
Costs a small fortune to do schooling in the states.
I reccomend getting the breakthru manuals, breaktru magazine, Taxidermy Today Magazine and some 'good' quality videos.
It will cost a bit to get them so do it slowly or all at once if you can afford it.
Begin with either a mammal, fish or bird (which ever you fancy) and get them right before moving onto the other groups.
Wer'e kinda isolated, but with patience, practice you'll get there.
Grab a license from the NPWS to work on road kill natives in your state.

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