How long will a frozen deer head last in freezer

Submitted by Dummmaz on 12/18/04 at 1:29 AM. ( )

Got a head 1 year old still good ?

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As long

This response submitted by Kim C. on 12/18/04 at 6:08 AM. ( Bubba's Taxidermy )

as you wrapped it good should be fine. We have taken some in that have been in the freezer for 3 years and they were fine.
Kim C.

Should be ok

This response submitted by J. Adams on 12/18/04 at 6:10 AM. ( )

It should still be ok. I got one in this year that had been in the freezer for 2 years. It looked like it had a bit of dehidration in the lip line, but other than that it looked good.


This response submitted by Dummmaz on 12/18/04 at 9:05 AM. ( )

Well, I'm not sure I'd agree with the above

This response submitted by George on 12/18/04 at 9:07 AM. ( )

You did say "deer head". I'd be willing to bet that your ears, eyelids and nostrils are already freezer burned. Regardless of how you pack them, a DEER HEAD will trap air inside the container and that air will do the damage. Had you bothered to cape it out, it will last a LONG LONG time. I always roll my green capes up and put them in a heavy clear plastic bag. I then take the vaccuum cleaner nozzle and suck all the air from the bag and tie it. Then I put the plastic bag in a brown grocers bag, mark it and tape it up. I've had spare hides that were 10 years old still be in good condition this way.

George is right

This response submitted by Roadkill on 12/18/04 at 11:08 AM. ( )

I am willing to bet you cannot turn the ears only half way up. Alos the eye lids and lips are probably hard as a rock.
I never leave a head or animal of any kind frozen in my freezer. I skin out everything as it comes in. Roll it up with the head inside like George does, and bag it.
I like the vacume part, that is a good tip. I have a vacume pump that works good. It pulls around 30Lbs of mercury, I don't know if a vacume does, but it would work good enough. Not as much air so not any freezer burn.
There are frost free freezers now that will basically freeze-dry your things too. they have a dryer inside the freezer to remove the mositure so you do not get frost. It will suck the water out of the deer head and you will have no chance of getting the skin off without injecting it and soaking it and probably ruining it.

You might....

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 12/18/04 at 12:50 PM. ( NaturesTrophies,aol )

want to look into some of Uncle Glens Stop-Rot. If you'll go to his site and look up Stop-Rot it may be helpfull with your current agenda! Heres the link Happy Holidays! Jeff F.

frozen deer

This response submitted by Greg on 12/18/04 at 1:35 PM. ( )

i had a customer bring in a large white tail that had been in his freezer for 8 years.the lips, nose, ears, were all real dehydrated.i could only turn the ears i did what i could do and threw it in a pickle for two days,when i took it out to thin the hide the ears were turned the rest of the way very carefully.and the mount turned out just fine.

should be fine

This response submitted by joe birchler on 12/18/04 at 1:50 PM. ( )

I have mounted a couple that spent 2 years in the freezer that came out fine. I inject any freezer burn areas as they thaw with a very small needle like a insuline needle.If you are carfull you can get the ears rehidrated as the rest thaws. I just keep checking as it all thaws and keep injecting more of the ears and they will start to come back to life for you. when all is thawed go on and cape as normal and turn and salt as usual. It is more work but it can be done

Another helpful link

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 12/18/04 at 3:26 PM. ( )

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