Repairing WT ears

Submitted by Steve on 2/10/05 at 3:33 AM. ( )

I skinned my 1st WT and have it in the world famous krowtann as we speak. I felt pretty good about skinning, I only cut 1 small hole, but i got a little carried away with the ear openers. I split 1 ear about 2 1/2 inches on the seam. I will be using ear liners and my question is this. If i just sow the split the epoxy I'm sure will leak through some. I've read some post where they use dryer sheets to repair holes. Should I sow the hole and then glue a piece of dryer sheet over it or just sow and clean the bleed through with thinner?
Any other ideas would be appreciated and the orange button didn't seem to help

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just use dryer sheets

This response submitted by rj peets on 2/10/05 at 7:07 AM. ( )

i would use dryer sheets, although 2.50 in. is a little bit. you can put a few stitches & then put super glue gel around the split then apply the dryer sheet. after you do a few it will become second nature. also i always used my finger & scalpal to open ears. just my way of doing it. i went & bought ear openers & they are kind of bulky. go easy. one hand on the ear opener, the other hand on the ear. hope this helps.

I use Buckeye Supreme hide paste on ears.

This response submitted by Todd B on 2/10/05 at 7:45 AM. ( )

Especially when there are holes to worry about. Epoxy is not a necessity when doing ears. I just use the Buckeye and pull the split edges together and superglue them. Buckeye is easier to clean off the ears and holds fine as long as the earliner fits properly.

Todd B

Dryer sheets

This response submitted by Mr. T on 2/10/05 at 6:05 PM. ( )

Sew with a very small diameter size needle and thin cape thread with small tight stitches, then use an ear epoxy that cleans up with water if it does bleed through. The dryer sheets leak as you can see right through them anyway. Go get one from the laundry room and put some epoxy on one, fold it over and the epoxy will squeeze right through it. You might as well use window screen as a dryer sheet. Do it right, get out the needle and maybe you will use more caution with the opener next time? What was you're hurry anyway? Some will disagree with my dryer sheet statement, so lets see you will be first.

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