Deer tag slit through ear way to repair?

Submitted by Pam on 2/10/05 at 9:19 AM. ( )

I'm just finishing my 3rd deer and wondering what is the best method in repairing a slit in the middle of the ear from it being taged? I split my ear and left the cartilage in.Before I put my earliners in,do I sew Both the front and the back from the inside and bondo?Some people take the cartilage out but I was never taught how to do this,like I said before I don't take the cartilage out and if I sew it will there be a gap between the stitches After drying and bonding?

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Super glue..

This response submitted by tomdes on 2/10/05 at 9:41 AM. ( )

Is probably the best way. Use a dryer sheet or thinly shaven piece of skin and superglue it over the gap, make sure the gap is closed as tight as you can before you glue. I always take the cartilage out so I don't know how it will hold up when it dries, but I guess if you use a good ear adhesive, it should hold up. Cartilage has a lot of pulling power as it dries/shrinks so make sure your earliners have a loose fit..

Thanks for your input, Tom

This response submitted by Pam on 2/10/05 at 9:53 AM. ( )

Boy, I really did'nt think I'd get a response this FAST...THANKS again for your time,REAlly appreciated it. Frist time I used this site, WOW Pam

Removing cartilage isn't that hard Pam

This response submitted by tomdes on 2/10/05 at 10:05 AM. ( )

Watch this little demo McKenzie put together:


This response submitted by Mr. T on 2/10/05 at 5:50 PM. ( )

I remove the cartlege, and if any holes as the one mentioned, I take the tip of the cartlege and cut a small patch and super glue it over the holes. Use the thinnest part of the cartlege as patches, then install an ear liner.

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