selling on ebay

Submitted by chris on 2/25/05 at 1:41 PM. ( )

if a tanned skin is purchased legally, for example from moscow hide and fur, and I mounted it. Do I need a taxidermy license to sell it on ebay

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This response submitted by - on 2/25/05 at 4:49 PM. ( )

It depends on the laws of your state - if you need a taxi. license to practice taxi. in your state, then yes, you do. It doesn't matter if you sell it from your livingroom or on eBay.

Not Necessarily

This response submitted by Old Fart on 2/25/05 at 7:37 PM. ( )

You do have to check the laws of YOUR state, but most taxidermy liceses are to cover doing work "for someone else". If you do a mount for yourself and then decide to sell it, I doubt a court would require the license. But that is just my opinion, but that would seem to cover it, IF this is only an occasional thing. If, on the other had, it's a major source of income for you, the state might have a different view of it. Every state has different laws so this can only be answered by the proper authorities in YOUR state.

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