Submitted by John on 3/6/05 at 9:03 AM. ( )

I have recently completed my first dry preserve mount. I normally use liqua-tan and after this adventure I prefer liqua-tan. Maybe it was just me but everything seemed harder to put together than on a tanned hide. It turned out ok I might try it again but not soon.

Also, on earliners I test fit and coat the liner with adhesive but seems like I always have a spot I did not get enough adhesive or it doesn't fill in spots here and there. I will probably stick with bondo, but will keep trying on my personal mounts. Any adivce would be appreciatated.

Thanks, John

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Couple things

This response submitted by Jack F on 3/6/05 at 9:15 AM. ( )

Ear liners you need to ruff those liners up to give the adhesive something to adhere to. You need to clean the ear skin of oils that will cause drumming as the adhesive will not bond to it. Jack F

I did...

This response submitted by John on 3/6/05 at 12:17 PM. ( )

seems like I am rubbing the adhesive off while inserting the liner. I tried to put some adhesive in the tip before I inserted the liner but that didn't do any better.



This response submitted by Craig on 3/6/05 at 8:03 PM. ( ctracker@rochester.rr.com )

The ears should be inverted about halfway inside out. Coat the earliner good with whatever paste or epoxy you are using and carefully insert this into the inverted ear. Then slowly invert the remaining ear by rolling the ear onto the earliner. Even with this method I like to brush some epoxy into the actual ear tip before inserting the liner and work it around once it is all turned back over the liner.

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