krowtann thoughts

Submitted by Thomas on 3/6/05 at 3:54 PM. ( )

I am curious of other opinions but to me krowtann seems to be a pickle & tan all in one so to speak & have read that you can oil after the krowtanning but what type of oil is this a leather oil or another tanning oil? also just wandered if you could use just say McKenzie tan right in the pickle?To me a soak with tan would penetrate all the way through the hyde were brushing it on would only penetrate from the non fur side.Thanks!

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If I were you

This response submitted by Robert Cain on 3/6/05 at 6:59 PM. ( )

Thomas, If I were you I would call Ozark Woods and ask them the questions you posted here. It is a fairly new product on the market and who to know better then the makers of the product them selfs. Also if you do not know how to tan using the conventual method, salt dry, rehydrate, pickle and then shave, pickle and then tan, I would suggest that you learn this as I did. It has helped in many ways to keep from making mistakes by taking short cuts. E-mail if I can be of further help. Bob

Good to Go

This response submitted by Eddie on 3/6/05 at 10:56 PM. ( )

I have used Krowtann for the past 2 seasons. Hats off to the product. If you call the Ozark woods, they will tell you your best results will be the Krow-oil. And I have used it and would agree with them. Awesome results

use krowoil with it

This response submitted by paul e on 3/7/05 at 7:53 AM. ( )

i know a lot is is the archives but heres what iv found works for me
first follow the instrucions to the tee
they are not traditional as tanning goes
especially the part about neutralizing then washing with liquid tide
letting drain for two hours then shave
i oil after fleshing then let alone for two or three hours
then i freeze for at least a week three will be better for stretch
dont ask me why be that is what i found
when you are ready to mount take cape out
now i found the Van Dykes hide relaxing compound to be a good answer to a quick wash get the residual oil off and it has a moth proof in it.
when you add the oil and have a properly shaved cape you will get
a cape that is as close to green stretch that i have ever seen
and i have tried a few others

but heres ozark woods # 1800 467 0369
they are more than willing to help you and answer your questions

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