Hide paste for beginners (Help)

Submitted by Joe Nowak on 3/13/05 at 9:58 AM. ( nowak@new.rr.com )

Would you guys trust the powdered hide paste that comes with a kit from Van Dykes, or should I invest in Epo- Grip or some other better paste? Most of you seem to like Epo-Grip pretty much. Everything is going pretty good so and I don't want problems with the hide coming loose. This is my first mount ever!

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How fast are you

This response submitted by scanman on 3/13/05 at 10:34 AM. ( )

How fast are you? The thing to remember is that Epo-Grip cures in about 4-6 hours. As a beginner, you need to take that into account. Especially if you have quite a bit of sewing to do. Traditional hide paste might be your best option until, with practice you become faster. There's nothing wrong with traditional hide paste, it just takes a little longer to set up. The main thing to remember is to properly scuff up the form to allow the paste (either one)to have rough areas to "grab" into. Also make sure there is not excess tanning oil on the hide. It doesn't matter what paste you use, if it can't "grab" on to the hide or form, it's purpose is defeated.

AFG from Van Dykes

This response submitted by jrosbor on 3/13/05 at 10:34 AM. ( )

the hide past in your kit should work fine but keep a close eye on the face (ears eyes lips exc.) if using ear liners you might want some diffrent glue like Epo-Grip or 15 min. bond tight. I use AFG hide past on all my mounts now. I like the fact there is no pinning and it dries with the hide. the eyes, ears, nose and lips I use Bond Tight with good results. Hope this helps you out! Joe

The Epo-Grip WATERBASED Hide paste

This response submitted by George on 3/13/05 at 10:51 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

I'd never recommend the epoxy paste for a beginner, but remember, if you're using dry preservative, there may not be an option. DP will curdle most waterbased pastes.

Home Depot

This response submitted by B.S.Rhea on 3/15/05 at 8:52 PM. ( )

All purpose floor adheasive,5 gal-$15.00.Works well with any method.

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