Problems with a pheasent!

Submitted by Greg on 5/26/05 at 9:24 PM. ( )

This old guy (god bless his soul) wanted his pet pheasent mounted
so i told him to bring it over, no problem right, well it was still
alive I told him to shoot it but instead he tried to ring it like a chicken, now the ring necked pheasent is really a ring necked peasent
instead of a white ring around the neck there is a bald ring hte size of a thumb and finger, what im I going to do i no some of you will say his doing,his fault, give it back, but he killed his pet and i still want to mount it for him any ideas, poses , glue feathers back anything will help thank you all

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I would...

This response submitted by Sam on 5/27/05 at 12:36 AM. ( )

replace that segment of skin just like on a deerhead or any other mammal. It may not be a perfect match but with a pet I would try to keep as much of the original bird as possible. Just make sure to card that area extra good and the feathers should match up with the originals.

Why didn't you...

This response submitted by Craig on 5/27/05 at 7:46 AM. ( )

just squeeze it hard while it was in your hands. I know hindsight is 20/20 but there are better ways of dispatching living things other than shooting them, especially when you are talking taxidermy specimen. Sounds like you need to better educate your clients.

Now you will have to replace the missing part. I think I might replace from the bottom of the white ring forward.

Try This

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 5/27/05 at 10:09 AM. ( )

Make the neck the same size you would if there wasn't a problem, but put it in a low head position. The trick will be to get a little caulk in the neck than taxi the skin toward the head. This will cause some wrinkles. If you spend the time to make a lot of tiny wrinkles instead of a couple big ones the feathers that are there will cover the spots. It may look a little rough on the outside but it will work OK. Birds loose a lot of feathers in nature and they have enough to cover most of the time. Remember the trick will be taxi the skin not just the feathers.

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