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Just curious on what i have to do to get my license for state and federal in wisconsin. I have the papers but i need a department of revenue sellers number. I dont have that where do i get it from. And also how do u apply for your name? What if it's already taken is that alright or if it is copyrighted how do you know if it is? Please help this beginner out. Thanks

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It's usually your social Security number

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But look in the blue pages of your phone book and find the number of the state department of revenue and licensing. They can help you with specific questions and tell you the difference in using your name in your business and a "ficticious name" such as Smith's Taxidermy versus Stuffit Taxidermy . Each state has unique and specific requirements.

call the IRS

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bob you will need to call the irs in madison and the will send you all the paperwork it will cost you 25.00, then they send you your sellers permit, they also can let you know if that buisness name is taken because all names need to be registered with them it takes a couple of weeks to get it then you can send for your state and federal lisc. i think state costs 50 and federal cost 100 and it takes a while to recieve your liscenses from the feds and from WDNR
regards Collin


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thanks alot

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