here is a picture of my first deer mount

Submitted by james on 7/17/05 at 12:34 PM. ( )

take a look and let me know what you think,

I made a few little mistakes but overall i think it turned out ok


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One of the things..

This response submitted by jrosbor on 7/17/05 at 2:47 PM. ( )

that I am guilty of, in my younger years is thinking I know what deer look like. So I ended up with a mount that looks much like yours. The few mistakes are not little by any means. and are easy to avoid. one major tool you could have used or used better is, good quality ref. pictures! You have the basics down, now work on quality. Line up hair patterns, make ears more anatomicly accurate, brisket hair pattern needs to be lined up. I can't see the eyes very well or the preorbital glands, So I can't comment on them. I think ref. pictures would be a wise investment. Work on thoes things first, Then you can start getting into more comp. quality work (nictating membranes, septums, inner ear detail. exc.). Practice, Practice, Practice. and have some fun too! Joe

Ditto on what jrosbor said...

This response submitted by Craig on 7/17/05 at 3:35 PM. ( )

Symetry of the hair patterns is a real concern. The nose looks like it is off center as well as the lower lip and chin. Nostrils?Brisket is somewhere it isn't supposed to be. Ears are located too low on the head and the edges are very rough. Close up pics would be beneficial for a real examination but you haven't posted any. My suggestion is if a beginner want to be critiqued submit pictures from all angles and be area specific. In other words, focus in on the brisket or the nose, ears, or an eye. An over all picture of the mount just shows big things that stick out like the hair patterns or how crooked the antlers might be. If they are off then one can only imagine what other small details are incorrect.

Reference pictures and 3-D castings are a must when mounting anything. My best advice is get some good ones, then you can critique yourself by simple comparison. When you can no longer tell the difference between your mounts and the reference pics go enter a state level competition and see how you do.

Don't be discouraged by my insight. Take it for what it is worth. I also thought my first deerhead was not bad. It was an accomplishment of great magnitude to me. After a few years I had to destroy it because I could no longer bear to look at it. Keep plugging away, it is a good first attempt. Your feet are now wet and hopefully your appetite to improve has been fueled and ignited.

craig is cool

This response submitted by Jason B. on 7/17/05 at 6:09 PM. ( )

Craig you really couldn't have said it better.thats exactly what happened to me. after the first I was fueled to do it better.I got all the things jrosbor said to get and after just a short time studying and learning from the great people on this sight I have gone leaps and bounds in taxidermy.but I still have alot to learn and my appetite is starving right now.Thanks to all that help out on this sight. Jason B.

thanks all

This response submitted by James on 7/18/05 at 12:03 AM. ( )

thanks for all the great feedback. I just ordered some ref. photo to help with some of the problems. I think ive figure out my ear problems and cant wait to do another. I knew that the brisket line was off and will do better on the next on.

Thanks again,

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