painting deer heads

Submitted by craig on 7/18/05 at 9:05 AM. ( )

can anyone give me a paint scheduell for a deer head as in what a the common colours for around the eye,s pre orb,s and nose.and what would be the prefered types of paints.ive tried latex etc found it clogged my gun up to much but any help here would be apreciated thanx.

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Craig, you need to visit that SEARCH icon there to the left

This response submitted by George on 7/18/05 at 9:38 AM. ( )

When you click on it, type in any combination of words such as "deer paint schedule" or "painting deer eyes" or "painting whitetails". There's months worth of reading there and they'll cover all aspects of it, including the most popular choice of paints (lacquer). Good luck.

How did you ever decide to use latex to begin with?

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 7/18/05 at 10:49 AM. ( )

Thats a 1st. I have never heard of anyone trying to use latex paint in an airbrush. George is right about where to find your answer. Another thing you could do is contact Chem Oddities out of St. Louis, MO. They make Lifetone paints there and they will send you paint schedules for just about anything and everything you need. Good Luck. Dan Hudzik

Latex = water based acrylics

This response submitted by Drew on 7/18/05 at 7:08 PM. ( )

I use water based because there are no fumes to deal with, and clean up is easy. It just has to be thin and you need to run the pressure atleast 30psi.

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