Salt drying

Submitted by Kent on 7/18/05 at 11:56 PM. ( NHAROLD@COMCAST.NET )

I read in a post that Mr.Rittel Recommends to salt dry the cape. how long does it usually take. I have an elk that I salted for 24hrs then resalted for 48 hrs now. The 2nd salt is soaking wet still.

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This response submitted by John_NY on 7/19/05 at 12:15 AM. ( )

If the cape is not tilted to let the moisture run off, try that. Then
give it some more time and redo the salt.


This response submitted by Drew on 7/19/05 at 1:46 AM. ( )

Depending on temperature, it can take a week+ for the elk to dry. I always put a piece of (2x2 etc) wood in the head and stand the head nose up, and put a fan on them. Elk just have thick hide and I take great care to get that face dry as soon as possible, and don't overlook the chin and lip area, this alway takes a bit to dry completely even when thinned down.

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