My First Skinning

Submitted by Lee D on 8/9/05 at 11:28 PM. ( )

I've went to a local butcher shop (from whom I finally got the perfect goat skull) and had recieved a boned-out pig skull and a whole sheep's head. The sheep head was shot the day I got it and I skinned it out while it was still fresh (it's just a face, from the ears foreward). I don't have a flesher, but the butcher said scissors would do well? When would I know that I'm too close to the skin when fleshing (definately when I scrape the hair folicles)? Any tips on when I turn the lips and eyes? Anyone know of a website that has visuals on how to turn ears?
He told me all I need to do was make an inscision along the eyelid and lips, then scoop out the membrane inside.
Then i guess I salt it, let it sit for a day, shake off the salt, do a final fleshing, then spread some Kwik-N-Eze tan on it and freeze the head.
If you have any words of advice or where I should pay the most attention to when fleshing, let me know!
Again, this is my first skinning and tanning, so go easy with the criticism. (believe me, it was nerve-wracking just to be careful not to rip the skin)
Lee D.

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This response submitted by paul e on 8/10/05 at 7:32 AM. ( )

we all started somewhere
i started with a scapel and still do most of the face with one
i had the luxury of whatching another taxidermist skin and flesh
but i also learned a lot from the various videos that the different suppliers sell
you can get some good ones from
WASCO,McKenzies,Van Dykes and a few others has a lot of info
i know i probably missed someone

its a steep learning curve because you have limited time to flesh
the skin decomposing the whole time your fooling with it
to make matters worse your hands are heating up the skin and making the process faster
i like a product called stop rot
you can research the sites i listed on the web and find videos the stop rot and order their catalogs also
that will give you a lot of reading to do
if your hungry keep reading the archives on this site
one idea will feed another and youll be on your way
if you get more serious down the road
join your state association
go to some shows and siminars

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