slow drying another krow tan tale

Submitted by Terry on 8/29/05 at 9:30 PM. ( )

I'm mounting my first wild boar with Krow tan 2000. This is the first time I have used Krow tan. I mounted the boar last monday (7 days ago). The nose is rock hard but the clay ear buts are still flexible as well as the ear butt skin. The skin stapled on the back of the form is gradually getting harder. There are no signs of any slipage. Is it the high humidity slowing the drying process down or could something have gone wrong during tanning? I have had a fan on it in an air conditioned building all week (70 degrees). I tanned the cape following instructions in my shop building where temps were in the 90's and high humidity. I'm getting impatient. Yes, I could call the man in Harrison, Arkansas.

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This response submitted by Bill Yox on 8/29/05 at 10:26 PM. ( )

How did you degrease the skin?


This response submitted by Terry on 8/30/05 at 9:09 AM. ( )

I used Kemsol and followed their instructions.

I just wonder...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 8/30/05 at 11:48 AM. ( )

I might be wrong, but I wonder if you were able to shave and degrease it enough. That will slow down a drying time, and boars are obviously greasy.

Next question, what kind of adhesive, and how much do you think you applied?


This response submitted by Terry on 8/30/05 at 1:21 PM. ( )

It could be I did not shave it as thin as I could have. I used a cup of kemsol and about 2 gallons of water and soaked for 1 hour. Was it not enough kemsol? I used Wesco hide paste, I wiped it on the form with my fingers and I did spray mist a little water on it prior to mounting. The clay was in powder form. I mixed it with water into a little stiffer than bread dough consistency. The clay under the ear butt skin is still flexible. The excess skin I cut off is dried out white and not greasy. Do you think the excess moisture in the hide paste and the ear butt clay became locked behind the hide and its just taking a little longer to dry. It looks like the ear butts will be the last thing to dry.

How much salt?

This response submitted by Sarah on 8/30/05 at 9:10 PM. ( )

Did you wash the salt out well. If not the salt in the hide is drawing moisture and hence the softness.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 8/30/05 at 11:35 PM. ( )

Yes, that very well might be it. I use some different materials and techniques, but the ones you used should do ok. Just keep an eye on the drying.

Sarah & Bill

This response submitted by Terry on 8/31/05 at 1:27 PM. ( )

I gave it a really good dunking in fresh water and then washed with liquid tide. Thank for y'alls input.

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