Mico tan

Submitted by AJ on 9/3/05 at 2:25 PM. ( )

I wa wanting to know if anyone uses MICRO TAN to do there turning and taning and what kind of job they did. I was wanting to send them a deer skin so that I can see how it was done. That way I know what it should look like when I do it myself. In case of any question I am learning to do this and I am having a hard time with the video and being able to see how the nose,lip and eyes should look like.

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Would Not Use Then Again

This response submitted by Bill on 9/3/05 at 7:18 PM. ( wjtaxiderm@aol.com )

I used them two years ago and they did a good job. I used them last year and they did terrible work. Holes in the ears, face and around the eyes. I did a short incision on a cape and they cut it down about another 15 inches. I e-mailed them pictures, but they could care less.

never again

This response submitted by Justin on 9/5/05 at 1:52 AM. ( )

I had way too much inconsistancy. I got some capes back that were absolutly perfect as if Allen did them himself. I got other capes back that I could not use. Those capes looked like my 10 year olds first attempt at using the fleshing machine. I also dropped off a few hides to have dry tanned, I was told 6weeks in nov., 4 weeks in jan., 4 weeks in mar., 6 weeks in may, and in jul. now there's a problem with that batch. I talked to Allen on Fri., and I will be driving there tomarrow to pick them up. I'll let you know how they turn out. As far as I can tell Allen is a good guy and does good work, he may just be having trouble finding good help.


This response submitted by justin on 9/6/05 at 11:10 PM. ( )

I just picked up the three deer hides, and they suck. Again, holes from fleshing machine all over and two of the hides are not what I dropped off. All of the hides that I dropped off were from mature does. two of the hides that I got back were so small I had to check for spots. One of them is also missing the tail. Allen was not available for comment, and when I called and left messages I got no response.


This response submitted by AJ on 9/8/05 at 11:05 PM. ( )

Thanks for your help. I think that I will take the capes that I have and keep practicing. That does not suond like a place that I would want to send my stuff. I should learn to do it myself. Sorry you had bad luck.

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