Coon Ears

Submitted by BB on 9/28/05 at 8:10 AM. ( )

I had a coon hide in the freezer that went through a power outage of 4 days. I thought it would be bad but when I checked it out, no slippage. I pressure washed it to flesh (my favorite new method for coons) and tanned it. Well, I'm getting ready to mount it and doing final shaving and noticed the thin layer of skin on the inside of the ears is "peeling" off with some hair. I assume this is slippage due to ears thawing more during the outage but have never experienced real slippage before. I have some "Preserve It" on hand, would it help to apply it to ears. I would rather trash this hide than waste a good pedestal form. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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mount it

This response submitted by mimes on 9/28/05 at 9:22 AM. ( )

Mount it and walk away. Do not touch it again until it is GOOD and dry. Why do you say waste a form? If it does not work out, just soak the hide, peel off the skin and reuse the form.

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