Mule dder eyes

Submitted by LeAnn on 4/12/06 at 10:44 PM. ( )

I have finished my first mule deer, and seem to have 'tufts' of hair under the eyes that does not lay the right way. I have looked at many photos, and cannot find any that look like this. It is almost like some of the hair is sticking straight out. I have done several whitetail, and have never had a problem like this. Both eyes look like this. Is this normal?

What could I have done, and can I fix it? I don't think that the hide is pinched or wrinkled underneath, and I don't think that I used too much clay.

Thank you so much for donating your time to this web site.


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This response submitted by LeAnn on 4/13/06 at 7:00 AM. ( )

I was so careful to check the spelling of the content, but did not notice the title. Of course it supposed to be "Mule Deer Eyes".

You can fix just about anything

This response submitted by Nancy on 4/13/06 at 7:49 AM. ( )

LeAnn, send me some pictures and I will see what to do. It sounds like too much clay under the eye or maybe you tucked the eyelid too far in. Don't know without seeing it

try useing hair jell

This response submitted by ... on 4/13/06 at 9:19 AM. ( ... )

when i have a deer with hair standing out of place i use some hair jell on it.. just let it dry good and brush it out
hope this helps

some muleys

This response submitted by Todd on 4/15/06 at 10:43 PM. ( )

have cowlicks by their eyes. I have two in the shop right now like that. They kind of resemble the cowlicks on the side of an antelope neck by their neck glands, only smaller. No gel in the world will hold them down, it's the way they are. I've haven't seen any pictures of them yet either but have killed one that had them. If you need a pic. to compare, let me know and I will send one to you

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